Until I found B’s

Until I found B’s Custom Artwork, every company I tried contacting about this job I needed done fell through. Either they said they could not, would not, or their prices were way beyond my budget. True, I have a somewhat complicated design, not your typical engraving job, combining cutting and engraving, but it is only 1/4” plywood I needed cut and nothing requiring a super powerful laser. I was surprised how hard it was to find someone willing to do the work for a reasonable price. I found him in one of many Google searches. Unfortunately, his first response to my request for a quote when to my spam folder and I made the mistake of not providing a phone number. After waiting a week or two I called and he answered right away. We soon discovered the lost reply. I was pleasantly surprised that in the quote he sent a picture of a test he had done on a piece of scrap wood. It helped us both be right on the same page. Subsequent correspondence, with the spam thing figured out, was always rapid. Then I had him do an order of 23 of these panels and he finished quickly, in 3-4 days, and took a lot of care to do it well. I highly recommend B’s Custom Artwork for that laser project you have and you just cannot seem to find the right source! Well, I recommend him for almost any smaller/medium laser project. He has the equipment, know-how, and communication skills to it.